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About Us

Combo Kitchen is a revolutionary new concept within the restaurant industry that utilizes ghost kitchens to offer a wide variety of different foods! Take advantage of a diverse, cooperative menu that incorporates popular fast-casual concepts like traditional cuisines such as Tex-Mex and Asian-fusion, or classic comfort foods like burgers, pizza, and wings! Each Combo Kitchen location is different from the next because their menus are a reflection of the communities they serve. Combo Kitchen was founded by franchising expert Hossein Kasmai. Hossein Kasmai is the CEO and Founder of Franchise Creator, a franchise consulting firm based in Miami with a mission to empower entrepreneurs through franchise opportunities. Through Franchise Creator, Mr. Kasmai successfully developed over 400 concepts into reputable franchises, including Poké Mahi and Tacomoli. Hossein’s ability to recognize business models with potential and invest in their success proves that investing to join The Combo Kitchen is an optimal business decision that can yield powerful results compared to traditional methods of expansion and growth.


Are You a Restaurant Owner?

Team of chefs preparing food in a commercial kitchen.

Add a Combo Kitchen:

Adding an extra concept to your already existing restaurant operation means you will be generating more revenue. One of the biggest challenges restaurant owners face is strategizing a way to increase restaurant sales and gain more customers. With the Ghost Kitchen concept, Combo Kitchen is offering restaurant owners a solution to increase sales and attractive more customers. From a single location, you will be able to operate multiple brands from one kitchen, while offering multiple kinds of cuisine. Combo Kitchen boasts some of the most reputable and well-established brands in the industry.

Join Our Network:

If you own a restaurant and are looking to expand your venture by opening more locations, then we urge you to join the Combo Kitchen Network! Instead of investing your own resources to open multiple locations, a Combo Kitchen franchisee will pay you royalties for the opportunity to franchise your concept within their Combo Kitchen location! Combo Kitchen’s unique franchise system helps restaurants like yours increase brand awareness, boost foot traffic to your flagship location, refine your business through franchisee reports – all through the efforts of The Combo Kitchen corporate team.

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Invest in a Combo Kitchen

The most versatile and streamlined franchise offering in the restaurant industry.

Franchising a proven business model is always a better idea than starting a restaurant from scratch. Combo Kitchen offers entrepreneurs the convenience of franchising with the efficiency of ghost kitchens to operate multiple reputable food concepts within one location. Without the need to lease expensive store fronts, build out costly dining areas, or hire a large staff, Combo Kitchen franchisees can reduce start-up costs and overhead to maximize profit margins by taking advantage of the growing trends of online ordering within the food industry!

The Benefits of Franchising
a Combo Kitchen

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Low-Start Up Cost

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Diverse Menus

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Diversified Risk

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Quicker Build-out

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One Rent.
Many Restaurants.

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Less Employees

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Buying Power

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Faster ROI

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Uber of Franchising

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Well-known Brands

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