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Offer multiple brands out of your existing kitchen for delivery and takeout only, helping you increase your revenue exponentially with little to no added investment and without disrupting your current operation.


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    What is Combo Kitchen?

    Add immediate sales to your restaurant by operating an additional restaurant brand for delivery and takeout only from your existing kitchen.

    Combo Kitchen has made a licensing agreement with many popular restaurant brands that are well recognized in your city or nationwide and is making their brands, menu items, recipes, restaurant know-how available to you so you can operate them in your restaurant alongside your current operation. Offering menu items from any of these popular restaurant brands that have thousands of positive reviews online, strong social media presence and branding will bring immediate sales to your restaurant operation with little to no added cost, thus increasing your profits.

    In exchange for the right to operate one or more of these well-recognized restaurant brands in your restaurant, you pay a small royalty to Combo Kitchen and the owners of the restaurant brands. As a restaurant owner, you now can partner with Combo Kitchen and add a ghost kitchen operation utilizing, not a virtual brand, but instead a well-recognized restaurant brand to your existing restaurant for delivery and takeout only, without having to invest a single dollar in expanding your kitchen.


    Why Incorporate Other Concepts into Your Restaurant?

    Take a look at the following benefits of adding more concepts:

    Lower Overhead Costs

    When you add Combo Kitchen’s licensed restaurant brands to your existing operation, you are significantly increasing your revenue by offering customers, on food delivery apps, a wide array of new menu items. It is very common for traditional restaurants to experience down time throughout the business day or during the week. This means your employees are getting paid to stand around and await orders, creating unnecessary overhead. When you add one or even two new restaurant brands behind the scenes, these same employees can be utilized to handle food prep and cooking duties for to-go and delivery orders only. Thus, you are increasing sales without adding any overhead, maximizing your profit margins. Same rent, same employees, and higher sales! It’s that simple.

    The Benefits

    Keep the same rent
    Keep the same staff
    Maintain your normal business operations
    Maximize revenue
    Ongoing support
    No new equipment needed

    Proven, Turnkey Concepts

    Combo Kitchen offers only proven brands that have succeeded in their respective industries. This means that unlike a virtual brand that a restaurant owner can add to their operation, these brands all boast a pre-existing following in their areas. Potential customers are unlikely to order from a virtual brand that has no reputation, few ratings, and little to no online presence. All restaurant brands offered by Combo Kitchen are all well-established, highly rated with great websites, multiple locations, hundreds or thousands of online reviews, and boast an impressive presence on social media. These concepts have already been proven to succeed and have been designed to streamline operations and raise revenue without building another location.

    Don't Fix What Isn't Broken

    Partnering with Combo Kitchen does NOT require you to change anything about your restaurant’s branding. Your restaurant will maintain its normal signage and branding at your location as well as on websites like Google, Yelp, and third-party delivery apps. Your new brands will only be an addition to your existing restaurant that happens behind the scenes, with no additional signage or rebranding needed.

    Ongoing Support

    Our team at Combo Kitchen is with you every step of the way, operating as your partner above all else. There is a great deal of planning and consideration when you partner with Combo Kitchen. Our experienced restaurant consultants will combine statistics of your local market with a thorough analysis of your kitchen to connect you with the perfect brands, so you don’t even need to purchase additional equipment. We evaluate your existing kitchen, the workload on your current employees, and analyze which popular foods are missing in your area. By doing so, we help match you with the best brands to add to your kitchen to increase profits and make the most of your existing equipment and staff. After you’ve selected the concept best suited for your operations, you and your staff will receive extensive training from our team, along with the team from the concept you have chosen.

    From the CEO and Founder

    “One of the most exciting things about Combo Kitchen is that we could come in and not only provide exciting new food options to a neighborhood, but we could also save a lot of restaurants from closing by offering more brands from their existing location." - Hossein Kasmai


    The Benefits of Adding a Combo Kitchen:

    Keep the Same Rent

    Keep the Same Staff

    Maximize Revenue


    Maintain Your Normal Business Operations

    No New Equipment Needed

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