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    What is Combo Kitchen?

    The Combo Kitchen Network is a franchise system that allows an entrepreneur to invest in a ghost kitchen and operate multiple food concepts listed in The Combo Kitchen Network. In exchange for the right to operate multiple brands in one kitchen, the franchisee pays royalties to The Combo Kitchen and the owners of the concepts they franchised. You can grow your brand through our unique franchising opportunity without having to invest the resources needed to develop your concept into a traditional franchise system. To join The Combo Kitchen Network, you only need to submit a one-time entrance fee.

    We Do All the Hard Work For You!

    In franchising, the franchisor’s role is to assist the franchisee with the build-out of the new location and ongoing operations. The Combo Kitchen corporate team will help all franchisees scout their location, design and construct their kitchen, advertise their Combo Kitchen, and operate the P.O.S. system. All you have to do is train the franchisee on how to replicate your menu items and The Combo Kitchen will handle the rest!

    Full Expansion. Minimal Effort.

    It’s common for restaurant owners to hit roadblocks on the road to growing their concept to multiple locations. While traditional franchising methods are proven to offer rapid expansion, the process is lengthy and costly if not done properly. Combo Kitchen is offering restaurant owners like you, the opportunity to join our network and expand through entrepreneurs who invested their own resources to operate their ghost kitchen under your brand. Rather than spending time training franchisees on the back-end facets of your business, the Combo Kitchen franchise support team will handle that while you only have to focus on making sure the Combo Kitchen franchise can perfectly replicate your menu! A one-time entry fee is all that’s needed to join the Combo Kitchen Network, which is considerably more affordable than undergoing traditional franchise development.

    Empower Your Concept!

    By joining our network you can expect the following:

    Increased Brand Awareness

    Multiple Combo Kitchens utilizing your concept yields high potential to establish a proven national reputation for your brand.

    More Buying Power

    Save money on purchasing ingredients by sourcing all your essential needs from The Combo Kitchen instead of more expensive food distributors.

    Amplify Flagship Traffic

    76% of consumers are likely to visit a restaurant’s flagship location after ordering food from them online.

    What are the Benefits of Joining The Combo Kitchen Network?

    Multiple Combo Kitchens utilizing your concept yields high potential to establish a proven national reputation for your brand.

    When selected by a franchisee the participating restaurant shall receive a percentage of all gross sales.

    Participating Restaurants provide initial franchisee training and menu updates including support.

    With each franchisee location a select restaurant participates in the company valuation will increase based off projected revenue and growth thus significantly increasing the restaurants valuation and exit strategy potential.

    When entrepreneurs invest their own money to operate under your brand, they are just as devoted as you to ensure the brand thrives because it is their source of income.

    Utilize franchisee reports to gauge which menu items are popular among customers.

    Ordering Online is Not Just a Trend

    A growing number of consumers are prioritizing convenience when it comes to eating their next meal. This is due to advancements in technology and the simple fact that millennials are now making up the majority of the consumer population. Even after the impact from COVID-19 dwindles into normalcy, online ordering and curbside pickup options are here to stay. With ghost kitchens rising in popularity, now’s the time to act on joining The Combo Kitchen and giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to operate under your brand in a revolutionary restaurant models. The statistics below prove online ordering is here to stay and why you should take take advantage of this emerging market by joining the Combo Kitchen Network.

    58% of food service orders are for off premise dining

    34% of consumers spend at least $50 per order when ordering online

    40% of consumers depend on using to-go food containers to avoid doing dishes

    60% of restaurant operators say that offering delivery has generated incremental sales

    87% of Americans who use third-party food delivery services agree that it makes their lives easier

    By 2020, 70% of meals will be takeout

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