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    The Most Innovative Restaurant Franchise Ever!

    At Combo Kitchen, we believe that the restaurant industry, one of the oldest industries on record, needs to be revamped. The old method of operating a single brand in your restaurant has provided nothing but low profits for its owners. The high 3rd party delivery fees is eating into what’s left of any profit for the hard working restaurant owner. It’s about time that an exciting new method is applied to the restaurant industry that can provide the owner with higher sales and higher profits.

    BAM! This is how Combo Kitchen was born!

    What if you build one fast casual restaurant, hired one set of employees, paid for one rent but operated 3 or 4 independent brands out of your restaurant? Each brand brings in its own independent sales but your costs remain almost the same as if you were operating one single brand.

    So Same Costs, but 3 Times the Revenue

    As opposed to other franchises, a Combo Kitchen franchise allows you to multiply your sales by 2, 3 or 4 times, while keeping your cost the same. Rather than paying for a restaurant build-out, paying for rent, payroll, equipment, maintenance, insurance and all other fees and operate on single brand, with Combo Kitchen, you can spend the same money and operate 3 independent brands with 3 separate revenues.

    More sales, same costs = More profits.

    Why Buy a Combo Kitchen?

    Take a look at the following benefits of franchising this revolutionary concept:

    Combo Kitchen Vs. Other Restaurant Franchises

    Same build-out costs, same rent, same payroll, same insurance and same maintenance costs but 3 times the revenue. Think of it this way; You’re owning three restaurants with the cost to open and to operate only one restaurant.

    Something For the Entire Family

    A family can enter your restaurant and order a variety of food from a mix of restaurant brands, all from one single counter with one single attendant, in order to satisfy the entire family.  

    Diverse Options

    Select from a variety of A-rated and well-recognized restaurant brands to build your restaurant.

    The Benefits of Franchising a Combo Kitchen

    You can start your Combo Kitchen journey with a low initial franchise fee. The Combo Kitchen team provides you with a restaurant layout that has been assembled to be highly efficient with the lowest build-out cost.

    By offering menu items from 3 of the most popular restaurants in your city or ones with a national footprint, customers are immediately attracted to your restaurant. A variety of available restaurant brands, all under one roof, all ordered from one single counter and through a single attendant, attracts all types of customers, including families or larger groups that can order a different type of food for each member of the group.

    When you buy a restaurant franchise with only one brand, you are putting all of your eggs in one basket. With Combo Kitchen, you select from three WELL-RECOGNIZED restaurant brands which mitigates your risk significantly.

    With a Combo Kitchen franchise, you are essentially opening three restaurants with the price of one. We match you with brands that have common kitchen equipment that are easy to find. Also, we only utilize well-recognized restaurant brands in our network. This means that you are taking advantage of these brands’ buying power and years of history with vendors.

    When you incorporate three restaurant brands within your Combo Kitchen, you are receiving sales from each of these brands which paying for only one rent, one payroll, one maintenance fee, etc.

    With a Combo Kitchen franchise, you utilize the same common set of employees for all three of your brands. No more seeing employees standing around waiting for customers or orders to come in.

    Combo Kitchen provides you with an option to select three restaurant brands for your location. Our selection of brands include only the most recognized and sought after restaurant brands in your city or nationwide. Most of these brands have tens or hundreds of locations and have negotiated some of the lowest food costs, 3rd party delivery fees, etc. By selecting these brands you begin to enjoy and tap into their years of experience and goodwill.

    Since you receive revenues from three restaurants with the cost almost the same as operating one, you increase and maximize your revenue and profits giving you a quick return on your initial investment.

    Combo Kitchen is disrupting the restaurant industry, one location at a time. Restaurant owners have been hurting way too much for way too long. We are revamping the restaurant industry that is still operating the same way it did hundreds of years ago.

    Combo Kitchen has partnered with some of the best recognized restaurant brands in your city as well as those that have a nationwide footprint. By launching any of these brands in your restaurant, you are assured to have a steady flow of customers entering your restaurant, who are familiar with these brands.


    Comprehensive Franchisee Support!

    The Combo Kitchen franchise support team will provide you with all the assistance to ensure a proper build-out and long-term operational success. This includes finding the best location to open your Combo Kitchen, designing and building out your kitchen with all necessary equipment, and marketing your Combo Kitchen. Simply put, all you have to focus on is preparing the meals of your customers while Combo Kitchen will handle the rest!

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