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Franchising a Restaurant Just Got Easier!

Franchising a restaurant is an extensive process that requires a great deal of resources - but it’s a small price to pay for the ability to operate under a proven brand. Combo Kitchen’s franchise opportunity invites entrepreneurs to take advantage of the rising ghost kitchen concept to operate multiple food concepts from one location! Investors can choose between franchising a standard Combo Kitchen, or a Combo Kitchen with a small dining hall
included. Whichever you choose, the initial investment is more affordable than opening up a traditional franchise. Statistics show that consumers are prioritizing convenience when it comes to eating their next meal. Due to advancements in technology and the simple fact that millennials now make up the majority of the consumer population, online ordering has grown to occupy a substantial portion of the restaurant industry. Franchising a Combo Kitchen
means you’re tapping into this strong, emerging market with the versatility of multiple menus!


Why Franchise a Combo Kitchen?

Take a look at the following benefits of franchising this revolutionary concept:

Lower Overhead

Without the need for architectural build-outs or employing a staff, you can operate your Combo Kitchen and earn a quicker return on your investment!

Fast Build-Out

With only one kitchen to build out, you can get your Combo Kitchen open for business way faster than traditional franchises. 

Diverse Menu

From many concepts to choose from, you can maximize the potential of your Combo Kitchen by offering customers more choices!

The Benefits of Franchising a Combo Kitchen

Low Start-Up Cost

Traditional restaurant franchises require expensive spaces to accommodate dine-in customers, especially in high-foot traffic areas. This opportunity only requires a small footprint, allowing you to open a Combo Kitchen in the same area for a fraction of the cost, saving you build-out expenses!

Flexible, Diverse Menu

By operating up to four different food concepts under one kitchen, you can offer customers in your area different cuisines to maximize the appeal of your menus and build a larger customer base compared to a traditional restaurant.

Risk is Diversified

By having a selection of restaurant offerings to choose from, a franchisee can directly cater to his/her local neighborhood’s needs and diversity his/her risk by having four concepts in one.

Quicker Buildout

Conventional restaurants can take up to a year before they’re ready for business. Because Combo Kitchen only requires a professional kitchen, you can open for business quicker than competitors and begin generating revenue!

One Rent. Many Restaurants.

By having the option to open in a warehouse industrial district, a franchisee can remove the expensive retail component of owning and operating a restaurant.

Less Employees

By removing the dine in component, a franchisee can reduce the cost of cleaning and managing the restaurant.

Buying Power

Save yourself the headaches of dealing with pricey vendors and distributors to order ingredients and supplies. Combo Kitchen franchisees have the benefit of saving expenses by ordering all business essentials through our corporate team!

Faster ROI

Without the need for dining areas, furniture and décor, or a full staff to serve customers, you’re operating on a lower overhead, maximizing the potential to earn a quicker return on your investment with higher profit margins!

The Uber of Franchising

Online ordering is growing exponentially therefore you are in a growing industry trend which is not saturated yet proven.

Well-Known Brands

Choose from a variety of popular and well-known brands. 

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Comprehensive Franchisee Support!

The Combo Kitchen franchise support team will provide you with all the assistance to ensure a proper build-out and long-term operational success. This includes finding the best location to open your Combo Kitchen, designing and building out your kitchen with all necessary equipment, and marketing your Combo Kitchen. Simply put, all you have to focus on is preparing the meals of your customers while Combo Kitchen will handle the rest!

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