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The State of the Post-COVID Restaurant Industry

  The beginning of 2020 marked an irreversible change to the world because of the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. With no initial plan to combat the disease, industries came to a screeching halt. Among them, the restaurant industry was hit the hardest, as many ...

Incorporating Multiple Concepts in One Kitchen

  The ghost kitchen concept revolves around the strategy of operating several restaurant brands from one kitchen for optimal revenue generation and maximum usage of food preparation space. To use an analogy, the ghost kitchen concept is like adding more flavors to your ice cream shop so you can attract ...

About The Ghost Kitchen Concept

  The restaurant industry is constantly changing, especially with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have experienced unprecedented change in their business models and brick and mortar operations. These changes following the pandemic have put restaurants in a position to adapt in order to stay open and still cater ...

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